How do I limit odrive bandwidth usage?


I am interested in getting odrive set up and hopefully paying for pro once I understand how odrive can help me. How do I limit the bandwidth usage of odrive? I have about 3TB of material in my Amazon Cloud Drive that I need to download over my 5MB connection, however odrive appears to completely saturate my connection and prevent me from doing anything at all while the download is going. Considering that I will need many days to get this downloaded, this isn’t a usable solution for me unless there’s a way to control the bandwidth usage…


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Look for netbalancer, it’s free for three apps so if you are only going to use it on that one you should be fine. It’s what I ended up doing.

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There’s an app called Network Link Conditioner which can perform some similar functions for Macs. Free.

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Thanks for the suggestions!

First of all, I’m not interested in paying for alpha version software, so if I have to hack together solutions from a suite of other programs, then odrive is simply not for me - I am trying to evaluate it on its own merits.

Second, I am looking for something to integrate multiple TBs of storage that I have across Dropbox, Copy (going away), OneDrive, and Amazon Cloud Drive. I need to be able to prioritize bandwidth across these. If I have to rely on third party software to limit bandwidth, I won’t have the option to limit each one individually.

It sounds like there is currently not a way to limit bandwidth in odrive, so I will not be using it… can any of the development team comment on a lead time for this feature? I’d like to make a note in my calendar to evaluate it again when that times comes.

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odrive currently limits uploads to 75% of available bandwidth. However, odrive uses 100% of available bandwidth for downloads. We designed odrive for people to download on-demand, versus download all their cloud storage for backup or use.

We are planning to add configurable bandwidth throttling for PRO. This would allow you to adjust upload and download throughput.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a time-frame to commit. It is near the top of the list.


Great, thank you. I’ll check back in a few months.

I would like to add my voice to this thread. Adjustable throttling in both directions is a requirement for me as well. I have 5 people sharing one Internet connection. uTorrent has a very nice adjustable configurable throttle I really love:
I can control by time of day and day of week what throttling goes into effect. I like being able to have no throttling while I sleep, but throttled during the day when others are using the Internet.



I also want to request scheduled throttling.
Use Case: Use maximum bandwidth at night while sleeping, throttle during business hours.

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Scheduled throttling … are you expecting to continuously upload new files daily or is this to handle large one-time imports?

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More on the weekly side.

I do a lot of video editing, using pro sync to sync the large video files with the cloud.

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the moment any form of granular control over throttling (even setting a value) is implemented, I’ll be a happy purchaser of premium/pro. Until then, I’ll wait :slight_smile:

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