How do I know if a cloud account has completed a move or copy job?

I have been using a cloud service called Sync. It uses an online “vault” which is similar in some regards to oDrive’s placeholders in that it stores files online and then goes and retrieves them when requested. I would like to consolidate by copying/moving everything from Sync to Amazon and close out Sync, but how will I know when it is completed? Can I tell from inside oDrive how much of my available storage is being used by a cloud service like Amazon or OneDrive? oDrive shows “placeholders” with zero kb being used, but I don’t know if the actual file contents exist where they are supposed to be or whether the placeholder is just a name of an empty folder that hasn’t populated yet. I don’t want to close the Sync account prematurely and wind up with a pile of empty folders.

Hi @david13,
Are you using odrive to migrate the storage, or another client/service? It sounds like you are planning to use odrive to access the storage, but not to assist with migration.

The best way is probably to use the Amazon Drive web client to compare total storage size and spot check the structure. You can spot check the structure in the odrive desktop client, but you’ll have to expand the placeholder files for folders to look inside.

You can check your storage stats here

You can looks at the structure here

Thank you for responding Tony. Much appreciated.

Since both the Sync drive and the Amazon drive are locally resident on the same machine, I just did a Finder based drag and drop copy. That was on Machine No 1. But now I’m on Machine No 2 in another location and can’t really figure out what has been done yet. I’m pretty sure that the squirrels on Machine No 1 are moving along as I can see changes in drive sizes remotely when I go to log on to Amazon. I just can’t see a way to monitor in real time what is happening. (If that makes sense.) I also am using the Amazon Prime “unlimited” photo storage which is also doing an upload from the same machine. I may have started to many things at the same time and now just have to leave everything alone and see how the story ends tomorrow morning.

Hi @david13,

This is generally the best bet. Just let the apps do their thing and see how it looks after a while. As long as you are noticing some progress when you perform an intermittent check, you should be okay. There isn’t a good way to get a real-time status, unfortunately.

If you’re referring to, I believe that the copy to vault feature is only for making a quick back up to the cloud. You can delete the files from your computer, but it doesn’t act as a placeholder, as I don’t think you can restore from it other than downloading the contents from the site or moving them to your main Sync folder and then back to where it was on your computer.

Sync does have placeholders for individual folders, though, that can be set via the settings/preferences, under advanced.

Thank you. I believe you’re right. But since the folder structure on my desktop doesn’t match what shows up online in the “vault,” I’m trying to figure out how I will know when everything has been collected back on the desktop so I can turn off the service. That is without duplicating everything.

I see, that’s pretty tricky to deal with. I would move the contents in the vault to a folder on your Sync folder and then use DupeGuru to check for duplicates. You would have to exert caution for files that might be false positives despite having the same name.

The folder structure should mirror how the files on the computer are located.