How do I get updates for my desktop app?

I cannot see a way to check foro updates. I see that there was one on 6/9.

Hi @bruce,

odrive app automatically upgrade itself to latest version, if you leave the odrive app running then after sometime you will notice your odrive version is changed to latest.

We actually check for updates at regular, frequent intervals and autoupdate the client when we get a chance to do so. It is generally transparent, so you don’t notice it. Occasionally we will push out an update that requires a full installer flow. In those cases we will pop a window to inform you and give you the option to remind later or perform the update.


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Then how can I block the upgrade pop-up (or more drastically, disable upgrade-checking entirely) ? This is driving my whole family crazy having this popup on every single device. odrive has only brought us frustration because of that. I want it to be transparent for my (big) family, not having to individually manage all of the client updates !!

Hi @james.barrios.france,

There is not a way to turn these off completely.

Major updates, which trigger the pop-up, are very infrequent. Almost all of our updates are usually transparent and done automatically, requiring no user action. You should really accept the upgrade and get the latest version, this will prevent the prompts and you should not see another one for a while.

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