How do I deal with "Not Allowed" files?

I used Google Drive so I have a lot of Google application documents which odrive does not seem to be able to handle at all and they clutter up the menu. I am wonder what should be done about this. It would be nice to have it load the link to to the appropriate document in Google Apps as the Google Drive sync does, so I am wondering why odrive doesn’t do this. What does this alert even signify? When I select one of document the message indicates that changes that I made to the document were not preserved and that I need to use Google Drive sync to remedy the situation. If that is case, why do I even bother with odrive at all if I need GDS as well? Absurd.

Even so, why leave these document names in this submenu with apparently no way of clearing them? Is the expectation that I am going to “Delete My Changes” (whatever that means) in order to make the annoying error message to go away? I am just curious as to what the thinking is behind this for a tool that purports to put all file sync under one roof as to reduce overall resource usage, but I am beginning to wonder if in fact this is even the case!

Hi @DarfNader,
We limited our interaction with Google App files, since they are not “real” files and they cannot really exist locally. There was a good deal of confusion because of that. You can “open” them, which will open a browser to the file, and you can rename them and move them, but you cannot edit, delete, copy, or create new files for this type in odrive.

If you are seeing them in “not allowed” that would indicate they have been copied or created in some way. This could also happen if they were moved and the move ended up getting picked up as an add + delete instead on an optimized move.

Do you know what type of operations are leading these files to be put into “not allowed”?