How do I change my login for odrive from one service to another?

I created an odrive account to download all of my facebook photos. (I’m not using it for much more - it’s great.) I want to delete my FB account but doing so would prevent me from accessing odrive. How can I change my login and password credentials?

Hi @blh8892,
To change your login, go to this link in the odrive web client:

After you confirm your identity on the existing service you can switch to the service of your choice.

So I’m dropping Amazon Prime for a whole lot of different reasons, and that was the first cloud service I attached to odrive… When my amazon login goes away, what happens to my odrive account? I have other services - I suspect I’ll have my Dropbox account even after I drop it down to “free” level, same with a Google Drive account. Is there a way to “move” my account to another cloud provider?

Hi @amazon12,
You can use this link to switch the account you use to login:

Slightly harrowing, but it worked. :slight_smile:

I did have to restart the sync client to see the change reflected.

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