How do i batch download

how do i batch download? i can share but how do i download my pictues in mass

We have a batch download function in the works for shared links, but it is not available yet.

An alternative (and, in my opinion better functionality, though a little more work to setup) is to utilize odrive Spaces. You can share out a folder as a Space and invite people to it. They can accept and have it linked into their odrive account, getting the same desktop access to that share as they do with their other links.

Check it out and see if you find it useful. It’s free:

By the way, this feature has been released. See New web release today! (05-12-2016)

When you view a shared weblink now, you will see a button in the upper-right part of the main file listing section that looks like this:

This only appears if you are using a Chrome web browser (Mac and Windows), and it only appears when viewing share links (not for normal directory browsing / open in web preview).