How do I actually download files without .cloud extension? Win11

How do I make Odrive download actual files from cloud storage without .cloud extension on Windows 11 without CLI? I have tried different settings, searched the forums and just could not get it to work… Do I need a premium subscription for this feature?

Hi @anfrox,
You can double-click files to download and open them, or you can right-click on files or folders to “sync” them, which will download the items selected. For folders you can set parameters for downloading.

What may be causing confusion is that in Windows 11, Microsoft placed most of the context menu options into the “Show More Options” section of the context menu.

Do you see the odrive options there?

Hi Tony,

thanks for your reply, yeah this “Show more options” really annoys me too, but there are Odrive options under it. I was just not sure that I have to click “Sync” to download files, and was under the impression that they are already “synced” but with a .cloud extension.

Anyway - your advice made it work, thanks a lot! Though it’s going very slow, even while having Network Throttling disabled. I also can’t open “Sync activity log” from the taskbar to check what is going on

P.S. I am trying to download 150Gb+ of images for my project to process them locally

Hi @anfrox,

odrive starts out with “placeholder files”, which represent your cloud storage, but do not take up any space on your local disk. This allows you to navigate the entire structure immediately, without having to download anything. Then you can pick and choose what you want to download locally.

For your scenario, it sounds like you may be downloading lots of files that are on the smaller side?

For bulk downloading it may help to adjust some of the advanced settings in the odrive_user_premium_conf.txt file in the root of your odrive folder, like so:

“initialUploadBatchSize”: 4,
“maxConcurrentDownloads”: 12,
“maxConcurrentJobs”: 4,
“maxConcurrentUploads”: 4,
“maxTransferMBytes”: 10240

More about these settings here: Advanced client options

cool, this should definitely help, are these premium-only settings?

I have upgraded my account to premium nevertheless, your tool is awesome and I like it.

One last question - why does the activity log not show up for me? Are there any ways I can open it any other way? So I can be sure it is running, because sometimes it seem to stall


Hi @anfrox,
Why does the activity log not show up for me?

That is strange. Maybe it was opened in a tab within another program, or is behind some other windows?

The sync activity log is located at C:\Users\[Your user here]\.odrive\log\main.log, so you can try opening it directly from there. If you don’t see it there, for some reason, try exiting odrive from the tray menu and then starting odrive again.