How can I make odrive sync my colleagues shared folders?

I have a Google Drive from my company’s Google Suite. In this drive I have a shared folder with my colleagues, that have full access.
odrive syncs everything as it should except for the folders that my colleagues create (and thus are the owners of).
How can I get odrive to sync these folders too?

Hi @jorgen.hedlund,
Can you provide an example or what is not syncing, maybe with some screenshots? Are you receiving any errors?

Can you also send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu?


I can see no errors.

Since it’s a internal company drive I can’t share the specifics but I can explain the setup.

I have further investigated this and can see some oddities that I will explain further down.

First, I am the administrator of our company’s google suite drive and have created a “Root folder” that I have shared with “Everyone” (subsequently).
In this “Root folder” a colleague have created a new “Folder 2” (without any strange characters or such) that is not synced to my local computer. As I said above, I found some “oddities”, where the same colleague have created “Folder 3” and “Folder 4” as well, of which I can see and sync on my computer. Investigating if there are any differences between “Folder 2” and the other two folders, I can find none specific. The sharing options are same and the folder contents look similar.

In regards to the diagnostics file, I’d like to see it first before it’s sent. Where can I view the data that’s to be sent before sending it?


Hi @jorgen.hedlund,
You cannot view the diagnostic information, but it contains a snapshot of the recent activity (last 1000 operations). The information in there is from the sync engine perspective, which is why it is not exposed to users. It will list file names, if those files were operated on. It will also list exceptions that are hit, which is what I am interested in.

Are the same folders missing from the odrive web client?


I have sent the diagnostics file.

The folder is available and visible in the web client.

Hi @jorgen.hedlund,
I see some ssl errors and some rate limit errors, but nothing stands out for your issue. What is interesting is that it is listed in the odrive web client. The code is the same for the integrations, so this usually means that the file/folder is excluded because of illegal characters. I know you said above that the folders had standard names, so this is definitely odd.

I’m going to PM you for some other info.