How can I ensure my changes on one system will be quickly picked up on another system?

Thanks for the prompt replies. Tangentially related, is there a specific setting or attribute I can set or configure that ensures pick up of changes or new files?

Server1 -> changes FILE at 1:00pm. 

Server2 -> I can guarantee will pick up FILE change by 1:01pm  assuming online 

Hi @shaiguitar,

I moved this to a new topic since it may be a questions others will want to find.

It depends on the storage being used and their ability to report remote changes. Some storage providers have the ability to query for changes, so we can ask them for changes, regularly. With those storage providers, odrive should be able to pick up changes within 1 minute, in most cases.

Which storage is this against?

Clouddrive amazon is the provider

Hi @shaiguitar,
CloudDrive is queried once every four minutes, as per Amazon’s request, so it will take between 4-5 minutes for odrive to pick up a remote change there.