How about a combined email account?

I love odrive - a concept that is due to happen. All we need now is a cloud email aggregator that works as smoothly as the one in our tablets (iPad/Androids). Actually, the ones on iOS and Android don’t work so smoothly anymore and I’m starting to download separate email apps for Yahoo and Gmail. But that’s another story.

If odrive can combine its cloud aggregator with other emails accounts so that we can open our emails and access the attachments on odrive, that would be nothing short of gamechanger. Do that and our devices will all be happy.

PS: Free, of course. I reckon, for personal use, at the moment, 100GB plus aggregated email is what I need.

Thanks for the suggestion @ongboonlay.

Our goal is to be one interface to all of your storage, wherever it may be, so e-mail functionality like we have with gmail right now would certainly be nice across all e-mail major providers!