Hostgator ftp or sftp

I am trying to connect odrive to a hostgator account using ftp or sftp and no matter what I do I get permission errors or wrong credential errors even though I have used the credentials successfully in another program. has anyone gotten odrive to work with hostgator?

i’ve tried with an without the port using ftp (21) ftps (21) and sftp (2222)
with and without require valid ssl certificate
with and without the in my username
with and without the path to my home directory

and all different combinations of the above settings

Hi @puhmah,
I haven’t tried with hostgator before. If you have a test account I can try, I can debug it to see what might be the problem.

I’ll send you a private message for follow-up.

I got it to work by creating a new ftp account and using the ftp only one. There seemed to be some problem using the default account which has full root/ssh/cpanel access. weird.

Cool! Thanks for the follow-up on that @puhmah!