High Sierra Finder crashes hard on iMac Pro

I have been a happy premium customer of odrive for quite a while. I just purchased a nifty iMac Pro (sweet machine) and it crashed hard 2 days in. Four intense days with apple senior support staff who watched it crash repeatedly and guided me to backup and wipe the base drive and install High Sierra fresh. That worked (with a lot of effort and time given the 6 TB drive of data I have) but a couple things popped out when the logs were reviewed today by apple engineering – my finder was crashing and they were able to trace the problem, at least in part, to ODrive. So I’m posting here to hear if this is a known thing in ODrive and High Sierra or if my iMac is a whiny !@tch and I should really dump ODrive (to which I will cry since I rely on it so much).

This is from apple:
The OS watchdog shutdown the system due to issues with the google software that is installed and an indexing process for the external drives from odrive. They are requesting we use official uninstallers to remove the google software and disable odrive, restart the computer and then test.

  • My edit: I have only Chrome as my ‘Google Software’ so I tend to think they are nuts and this must be ODrive specific.

Hi @tim.purdie,
We haven’t seen a Finder crash on High Sierra like the one you are describing. odrive may restart Finder to load the extensions, which could appear as a crash. Is it possible the Finder restart is being misinterpreted as a crash?

Other than that, there has been an obscure odrive crash (not Finder, though) that could happen because of malformed fsevents sent by MacOS when Apple registers for filesystem changes on external volumes. We were never able to pin that one down, although I haven’t seen a report of it for quite some time. If the external Volumes were removed the the crash would stop, so that is something that you could test to see if it makes a difference.

Before High Sierra there was a relatively easy way to disable fsevents before odrive started then re-enable them after, but that has since been locked down and rquires that you now disable “System Integration Protection” first. You can look here for more info on that workaround: O Drive Desktop Sync crashes after ~3-4 seconds (OSX) (with video)

As an alternative for testing/workaround, you can also take the odrive Finder extensions out of the equation by running this one-liner from the terminal:
o_ver_path="$HOME/.odrive/bin/$(ls -1 "$HOME/.odrive/bin/" | tail -n 1)";killall FinderSyncExtension -KILL; mv "$o_ver_path/odriveapp.app/Contents/PlugIns/FinderSyncExtension.appex" "$o_ver_path/odriveapp.app/Contents/PlugIns/FinderSyncExtension.appex.bak";

To reenable them:
o_ver_path="$HOME/.odrive/bin/$(ls -1 "$HOME/.odrive/bin/" | tail -n 1)";mv "$o_ver_path/odriveapp.app/Contents/PlugIns/FinderSyncExtension.appex.bak" "$o_ver_path/odriveapp.app/Contents/PlugIns/FinderSyncExtension.appex"