High energy impact


it seems like odrive has a very high energy impact on my Mac. Is this something you are aware of? It consistently has a higher energy impact and CPU usage than Safari, Slack, Word, etc.

Given the nature of the app it seems like it should be pretty minimal in terms of energy consumption.

This is slightly annoying because I have to quit odrive whenever I’m working on the battery.

Hi @clem.renault,
There are a few things that can cause CPU “heat”:

  • User-driven syncing: This is where the odrive client is uploading/downloading/moving/deleting files that the local user has explicitly asked to sync or has recently changed on the local side

  • Background syncing: This is where the odrive client is performing various operations based on remote changes (remote renames/moves/deletes/changes/etc…)

  • Background change interrogation: This is where odrive askes each source for any recent changes. These operations are very lightweight, and usually don’t cause any spikes unless they result in “Background syncing”

  • Full scan: This is where the odrive client performs a full scan of all of the data, both on the local and remote side, to ensure that everything is in sync. This happens on odrive startup, and then periodically while odrive is running (every 1-2 hours). The overhead for this is directly proportional to the number of objects odrive has to track. The more folders/files exposed, the more work there is to be done. Since this is background work, it can be confusing to users because it is not apparent that odrive is doing anything, even though CPU is spiking.

Unsync can be really handy in reducing the scope of the data by closing off sections for active monitoring. This can drastically decrease the overhead.

We are working on CPU overhead optimizations in our next generation odrive product, to mitigate the effect during sync and background actions. We are nearing the preview/beta stage for this.

Understood. Unfortunately I sync my whole Documents, Desktop, Pictures, Movies etc. folders so it is definitely a lot of files, but I don’t really want to unsync them.