Hidden File - Can I delete it?

In my Odrive folder, I discovered the following hidden file “.~a034b3f6-247a-4908-aa37-6d38b642bbf6”. It has the size of about 4GB and is about the same size as another proper file which has already been downloaded to Odrive.

Is it safe to delete this file, or is it “linked” to the other proper file, so that if I delete the hidden file the other proper file will be deleted also?

Please advise. Thanks.

Hi @maccra,

I believe, this is one of the temporary staging file used by odrive app during sync of a file from your storage to desktop. Generally, staging files are automatically cleared as soon as file download is completed. However, if file download get interrupted due to termination of odrive app then sometimes these staging files are left over and there is no harm to delete these files, but this also means in normal conditions when you are syncing your data (download), please don’t delete or make any modifications to these staging files, otherwise it may lead to some unwanted results.

You can delete this orphan staging file as long as you are sure there is no file is syncing in the same path of .~a034b3f6-247a-4908-aa37-6d38b642bbf6


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Hi @AsifNisarr,

Thanks for the confirmation. Syncing is complete so I can delete the file.

Yes, that’s correct