Having trouble moving my odrive folder to a NAS

I have an SMB share of synology NAS volume. I have mapped the drive as \ #drive \ #share in windows 10. This mapped drive doesn’t appear in the file finder when I try to move the odrive folder to it.

Is this not allowed or something?


Hi @conor,
Sorry for the trouble. odrive needs a drive letter. It doesn’t support UNC network paths.

Also keep in mind that we do not officially support moving the default odrive folder to a network mount. It can be done, and there are folks who run this way, but there can be behavioral quirks and performance issues with it. The supported method is using the “sync to odrive” functionality.

I’m still fuzzy on how sync to odrive even works - is there an explainer video? Also what am I to do if I have 40+tb of files already in a gdrive that I need to live in full on a local NAS. It seems like the solution you are pointing to is to re-upload the 40 tb after downloading it all.

Hi @conor,
For “sync to odrive” you just right-click on the folder you want to sync and select the “sync to odrive” option. You then point it to the destination folder on the remote side.

For example, right-click on Z:\NAS\Folder1 and select “sync to odrive”. Then, select Google Drive\Folder1 as the remote destination. This will create a sync relationship between the local and remote folders.

odrive will perform a merge of the data, so it will look at what exists locally and what exists remotely and determine what is different. If everything is the same then it won’t need to perform any uploads and will mark the items as synced. For items on the local side that are different than the remote side (new files or changed files) odrive will upload them. For items that exist on the remote side that are not on the local side, odrive will create placeholder files for them.

Keep in mind that this operation can take a very long time with 40TB of data.

Can you tell me how many files/folders are included in that 40TB? The number of objects is what determines the amount of work that needs to be done.

It should actually all be uploaded, The trick is getting it all downloaded there to then merge with the local odrive account. Does “Folder1” have to be matching exactly in characters and case?

also can I sync and unsync files on the NAS through the sync to odrive funtionality? Will i see .cloudf files on the NAS for the unsynced files?

Hi @conor,

Yes. Make sure the names match exactly

Do you mean that you have more data on the remote than on the local and you want to download the remote content?


Yes. You will see .cloud for files and .cloudf for folders

in response to the

Yes, I have been relying on unsync to save space. I was messing around with the odrive folder living on the NAS and ran into the forewarned errors - “memory allocation” So now I think I will just uninstall odrive, and reinstall it and try out the merged sync to odrive function

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So I did this, but if I dig into a folder inside of the synced folder ( odrive/Folder1/Folder2 ) Everything inside folder 2 is not syncing with odrive. The files in the folder are not receiving the blue icon odrive places atop synced folder - there’s actually no odive icons. I had previously been trying to download the entire drive from the cloud so there are folders that still have the .cloudf files in them - those files report an error when I try to sync them. It seems I have either done something wrong or this functionality is limited to a single folder structure but not the sub folders inside it.

Hi @conor,
It is likely that odrive has not gotten to the folder you are looking at yet. Is it giving an error that it is not inside an odrive folder?

You will need to give odrive time to go through everything and it could take quite a while depending on the amount of data odrive needs to process. Keep in mind that odrive needs to process all of the data on both the local and remote sides. Once odrive is idle you should be able to sync without that error.

If you send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu I can take a closer look, as well.

Odrive reports it is ready to sync new changes - and the tray icon is white. I have thought this to mean odrive is not doing anything, but im unfamiliar with how “sync to odrive” reports. Sending diagnostics now.

current_odrive_status.txt (6.5 KB)

Thanks @conor,
Can you tell me what action you are attempting, what error is being reported when you do, and what the path is?

For this folder:

  • Is it inside a recently added “sync to odrive” folder (how long ago was it added)?
  • How many files and folders (approximately) are in that structure?

I added it during the course of our interaction in this thread

Upwards of hundreds of thousands - just sit back and let it do it’s thing?

Hi @conor,
Here is a new version that fixes a potential memory issue I saw from your diagnostic. Please upgrade to this when you get a chance: https://www.odrive.com/s/09d170a3-c092-4ecc-b2ee-3f65f4b159e9-5faaed43

After the upgrade just let odrive do its thing, as you said. After an hour or two, send another diagnostic and I’ll see if things look to be progressing normally.

Sent back diagnostics, its working away - I have a couple lightroom databases in there which I know are notoriously tricky I expect this to take a couple weeks to fully sync properly.

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Thanks @conor! I missed this earlier, but I took a look at the diagnostic and, as you said, it looked to be doing its thing.