Have Desktop folders specific to monitors?

Hi, so I’m wondering if anyone knows how to possibly configure something like this…

I have a dual monitor setup, I want to have 2 Desktop folders that populate desktop icons, show, and sit on my literal monitors, but I want each display to have its own folder environment. I’m pretty sure this will require some 3rd party software, since moving / cutting / pasting will be managed differently.

I’m trying to have one monitor be my “synced to odrive un-encrypted” and another for sensitive data that is not synced. This would help my work flow a ton. I don’t want to individually sync folders or groups of folders from my desktop. If I have 2 “Desktop” folders, this would allow me to sync a Desktop folder to odrive.

My workflow has it to where I lay out and have tons of folders and files across my Desktops. This gives me an overall view of everything, my clutter is super helpful. If I have files/folders nested, I have to open these files… which I don’t have time for.

I doubt something like this exists, but if anyone has thoughts that would be awesome.

Hi @christianorpinell,
Unfortunately I don’t know of a way to have two unique desktop folders for separate virtual desktops, in separate screens. I believe there are ways to split up virtual desktops between two screens, but they would still share the same desktop folder.

Someone else may have some ideas, though.

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