Has synced the same file over 800 times

When my odrive is syncing files with the google drive, it selects a few files and has synced them over 800 times (I had to do a mass delete and then stop sync) with “conflict” How do I stop this from happening?

Also, should I now be working in the O drive? Meaning if I have to open a spreadsheet do I go into O drive and open it and work in it and save it there or am I still supposed to work in google drive and then just sync it to O drive?

Please do not answer with a bunch of technical words…dumb it down and speak slow.

Thank you!

Hi @cfoster,
I just want to clarify the issue here, so let me know what I have correct or incorrect:

  1. You edited an excel file in odrive\Google Drive\ and that started syncing.
  2. You started seeing that same excel spreadsheet create multiple conflict files as it was syncing
  3. You deleted the duplicate files and stopped sync from the odrive tray menu under “Ready to sync new changes”
  4. odrive is now idle

Is all of this correct?
If so:

  • Is there anything you can tell me about the spreadsheet?
  • Is it shared with anyone?
  • Do you have other computers that may have it open?

When you say “Google Drive”, do you mean you have the Google Drive desktop client installed and are using that? If so, you do not need to use the Google Drive application once you have odrive installed. You can work on your documents within odrive and it will sync them automatically.


Hi Tony,

Actually the spreadsheet has not been worked in in a few days. I am new to O drive and have only had it for about 3 days. It started doing this last night and it has done it for quite a few files not just this one. I have attached a screen shot of the file that I have not deleted the duplicates from yet. It also did it to a pdf file yesterday.

I have 2 log ins for the Odrive, one for my home computer and one for my work computer both of which sync my personal, facebook and work files (See the other screen shot). None of them are shared with anyone, they were originially created on the google drive I am not syncing at this time and still have to sync a lot of stuff for this program to be productive for me. I am afraid to do so.

I will work directly in the O drive and access files the O drive from this point forward.

I do have the google drive desktop client, on a mac computer (see screen shot)

Thanks for the additional details @cfoster.

You can go ahead and clean up the duplicates and then just keep an eye on things. If you see this happen again with any files, please immediately send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu and let me know the name of the file that is having the issue. With the diagnostic I should be able to tell why these duplicates are happening.

Windows diagnostic:

Mac diagnostic:

I did try to send a diaggnostics, it told me i could not do so without the approval of support or something to that effect.

Is the way that I am using the O drive correct in logging in from home using my personal account and logging in at work with my work log in?

Also, should I be removing google drive from my desktop? Or just ignore it is there and use the O drive?

With odrive you can connect both your personal and work account to the same odrive account, so you don’t need two odrive accounts. This way you can access both Google accounts at the same time, and maintain a single odrive account. Some info on linking multiple accounts here:

Once you are comfortable with odrive you can certainly remove the Google Drive desktop client. For now, at least, you should shut it down so it is not impacting anything.

The next time you see these run-away conflicts (hopefully you won’t), go ahead and send the diagnostic and I will see if we can figure out what is happening.


It is still happening, 742 files that are exactly the same thing with conflict listed. This time a PDF. This is ridiculous and the work I performed on Friday at my office is NOT on the spreadsheet within odrive. If this cannot be corrected and if I am going to have to perform work over then I will need to cancel my odrive subscription. I didn’t have this problem with google drive. The option to send you a a trouble ticket is not available.

Hi @cfoster,
Did you send a diagnostic after seeing this? If so I can take a look and try to figure out why this is happening. Just let me know when you sent it and what the name of the file is.


I took a look and I see that you sent a diagnostic. I am going through it. These files look like they are being created by another client running somewhere else.

Are you seeing all of these files show up as .cloud placeholders?
Do you have odrive running somewhere else, currently?

Hi @cfoster,
Taking a closer look, the conflict files appear to be being generated by another application. odrive’s conflict file naming is slightly different than what I am seeing on your system.

The multiple files on your system look like this: Filename (conflict) (###).pdf
Where (###) is a unique number. odrive’s conflict files use this naming convention: Filename (conflict ###).pdf

I believe Google Drive’s desktop client will add a (###) to a file if the same file is uploaded multiple times to Google Drive through their client. Do you know if you have Google Drive client running on a machine somewhere?

One way we might be able to get better insight is to look at the Google Drive web client. There you can get information about a particular file, including what application created it. Can you do this and see what it says?

To do so, go to https://drive.google.com/
Navigate to one of the conflict files, select it, and then click on the “i” icon on the top-right


I have always had Google drive as a desktop client however before getting odrive, I NEVER have had this problem. I deleted Odrive and asked for my subscription to be cancelled.

Hi @cfoster,
I appreciate you updating this thread. We offer a 30 day, instant full refund, so yours should already have been processed.

Again, it looks like some other client created these conflict files, rather than odrive, judging by the naming convention, but I was hoping you could look at one of them in the Google Drive webclient to verify. It may be that the Google Drive client reacted in an unexpected way to odrive’s sync.

Were you able to take a look at that info above? It would be very helpful to know what it says. We are currently working on conflict handling for our next major release, and your information could give us some insight into what we should change/refine.