Hard question, need answer

Hello all, first of all… Odrive is the best and work better than the apps providing by Gdrive, amazone… etc
but, I had this question… and thinking cannot solve it

here the thing, I draw this

my cloud now are to heavy… my computer storage are running low, but I have more stuff to put on my cloud using my second pc… my second pc can’t syn with my cloud since my second pc also got minimal storage…

with single cloud… and multiple of local storage from diffrent PC, how I am able to syn only on deman, and not all?


Thanks for reaching out. I like the diagram :slight_smile:

One of odrive’s main features is the ability to selectively sync items, so you only need to sync what you want, rather than everything. We have some good info on managing your local disk space in our usage guide here:

Right now we even have a promotion where you can get your Unsync feature for free using “Tell-a-friend”: https://www.odrive.com/tell-a-friend

Can you take a look and see if you have any other questions?


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this is nice, right now everything is perfect, I am still need to learn how to use this
I can’t believe I receive this fast reply, I am really2222 appreciate it …