Hard drive crash

Say one has odrive setup and syncing with a cloud service and all is going well. Then say someone steals your computer and reformats the drive or the hard drive totally dies. Are the files that are synced to your cloud going to be deleted if these things happen to the computer? If so how do you protect your files from this type of issue?


Hi @musicgenes,
If the drive is removed or completely formatted then odrive will not sync any changes to the cloud. It actually won’t be able to because the root folder(s) will no longer exist, which means odrive has no frame of references to make any changes.

There are several things that need to take place for files to be deleted in the cloud by odrive. Even if a file or folder is detected as being deleted, it will be held in the “odrive trash” and not committed to the cloud until the user empties the trash. https://docs.odrive.com/docs/sync-changes#section--empty-trash-