Handling illegal characters in Windows 10 from FTP share

I am testing out using odrive to backup a remote Linux FTP server. Normally I use Filezilla to download all the files then have to manually figure out what has been deleted remotely and then duplicate those deletes locally - obviously something that odrive should be perfect for.

My Issue is that some people upload with illegal characters (in my case a : ).

Filezilla has an option to replace the character with something else. Is there a similar option for odrive?

Unfortunately I have no control over the remote filenames and just have to accept what I am sent, but what worries me is that odrive seems to have totally ignored the folder and not given me any sort of indication that a folder was skipped. I only found it because I was testing and counting folders :slight_smile:

Any feedback appreciated

Hi @face,
Thanks for the feedback.

We are currently working on some big improvements to our engine, and surfacing these types of illegal character issues is among the items that will be addressed. At the very least we will expose these instances where the remote content cannot be brought down, so the user is aware and can address it.

The utility we use for the bulk of our workstation/remote synchronization allows specifying both what type character encoding is used on the remote device (Unicode UTF-8 or ANSI) and any necessary character replacements. We too have been burned by creative file names. Just because Linux allows anything other than ‘’ and ‘\0’ doesn’t mean that it is a good idea to go wild with names…

The utility we use has automatic file renaming rules for a small number of cloud providers, but no documentation on what they do. I haven’t tried them.