Guidance on what this .pub extension on the Trash Bin likely means or indicates?


Also, anyway I can change my username on the forum for Privacy?

Hi @AST,
Typically a .pub file is a Microsoft Publisher file. odrive doesn’t use the .pub extension, or add it to any files.

You should be able to go here to change your name:

Ok. Then I’ll see if I created it by mistake.

[Screenshot Deleted]

The UserName - Not Name (which I have changed manually). As it was also the same.

The forums username & name seems to have automatically picked up from the email address upon signup.

Can you help to change it? Thanks.

Hi @AST,
You should be able to change your username now. Can you check and let me know?

Yes @Tony - That seems to have worked. Appreciate that.

Hopefully email scraping engines did not get to it first :slight_smile:

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