GSHEET convert to XLSX

Several cloud sync tools I’ve tried that work with Google Drive for G Suite (such as Synology’s) have the ability to convert gsheets and docs to XLSX and DOCX back and forth.

Does oDrive support this and if so, how do I enable it?

Hi @dmcichy,
odrive doesn’t support converting gsuite files, but I have changed this in to a feature request to track the idea.

odrive will allow you to double-click on a gsuite filetype to open it up in the web browser, where you can either work on it there, or download a conversion of it (File->Download).

Ok. Thanks for the feedback. I have SQL Server code that “wraps” Excel spreadsheets in a table view so opening and downloaded to XLSX won’t work. If the .gsheet files where converted to .xlsx as part of the bidirectional sync (like Synology and ExpanDrive do), then that would be optimal.

Thanks for adding a feature request.

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Thanks for the additional details @dmcichy!