Google Team Drive - Read-only access

I have a folder on a shared Google Team Drive, which is shared as read-only with my Google user.

I have sync, include subfolders, and save and apply to new files & folders selected.

New files that are added to the Google drive sync down to my laptop as expected.

However, I’m noticing that Odrive will regularly try to re-sync/upload the slightly modified files, which then fail due to the read-only Google account permissions.

Is it possible to either:

  • Have Odrive mark the files as read-only in Windows so the files do not get modified and attempt to re-sync.
  • Or have Odrive know that the google account has read-only access and knows not to attempt re-syncing/uploading

Hi @aaron2,
Thanks for reaching out.

Currently those two options are not possible. odrive will always attempt to upload files that have changed locally, as its primary goal.

Do you know why these files are changing?

They are mp3 files, and the DJ software we use sometimes updates the metadata (ID3 tags).

We use Google drive to keep the music library synced on company laptops, but cannot risk an employee accidentally deleting a song or folder which would delete it across all of our laptops. Which is why the user used for Odrive has read-only access to the team drive in google workspace.

We’ve started noticing performance issues as Odrive attempts to update/sync many many files, which then fail, and appear to be continuously retried.

What about a possible 1-way only sync? IE "Download new/modified files, but do not upload/resync)

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Hi @aaron2,
Sorry for not responding sooner.

We have an advanced feature that will block any local updates from being uploaded to the remote storage. Documentation here