Google Photos with Google Drive

Just wanted to point out some wrong information displayed on your site.

In the “Faq” section, under the question
Can I store full, original resolution photos in Google Photos?
It shows the answer:
"Yes. Only images less than 16 megapixels in resolution fall under the **
free, unlimited storage category. Higher resolution images count against
** your normal 15GB limit.

Which is incorrect.
Google Photo has 2 upload options:“Original” and “High quality” upload
In “Original” any photo or video uploaded does count toward the storage quota, REGARDLESS if its 16MP or 10 MP or even 2 MP.
The “16 MP” is the actual image size limit an user can upload using the “High quality” mode, any photo higher than 16 MP gets downsized automatically, any photo uploaded using “High quality” mode gets compressed, no matter if its under 16 MP or not.

So in short:Yes even 16 MP or lower images count against the storage quota UNLESS you decide to use “High quality” mode which compress the images (hence its not a real bakcup anymore).

I hope your client doesn’t automatically upload images at “High quality” mode without telling its users that their images are getting compressed (and often the loss in quality its visible).

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Thanks for reaching out. The information about Google Photos on that page should actually be removed completely to prevent confusion (which we will do soon).

Currently Google Drive and Google Photos should be considered separate services. Unfortunately, any photos/videos you upload to the Google Photos folder via Google Drive (if the integration is enabled) will still count against your quota, no matter what the size or the settings in Google Photos.

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Well I’m fine if the files count against my storage quota as long as they don’t get compressed.

I have plenty of space in my G.Drive account so its not really an issue for me, just want to be sure that the photo/videos I’m uploading using the Odrive Sync Client doesn’t get compressed.

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We are not applying any compression, ourselves, and Google Drive does not compress photos/videos that are uploaded to it.

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