Google Photos support

You need to add Google Photos as a sync option in odrive now that Google dropped Photos to Drive function in their services. Previously, I relied on Google’s own intra-service syncing to get my Google Photos files to Google Drive at which point I could access them with odrive. Google recently dropped this functionality, therefore user basically lost access to syncing Google Photos. Please add Google Photos as a sync option.

Hi @johnmarkmitchell,
Thanks for reaching out. I have passed on this request to the product team.

Just to be clear, Google Photos still synchronizes with your mobile device when you have it installed and give it access to your local photos there right? I realize this is probably off-topic but it would make using a ODrive for syncing Google Photos redundant, yes?

@DarfNader No, it would not make an odrive’s implementation redundant.

Google decoupled Photos from Drive, meaning I won’t automatically get all my Android photos stored in Drive anymore. I relied on that as my way to move photos taken on my phone to my laptop and other backup services without having to take extra steps to fetch them manually and save them locally. I don’t want to have to double-upload my files off my phone to multiple services.

I happen to know that a competitive meta-cloud service similar to odrive is making this integration a priority as a result of Google’s decoupling of gphotos and gdrive. odrive already implements a similar feature for social media posting of photos for services like instagram. I am already a customer of odrive and am looking for a solution to this issue. As evidenced by the online chatter on reddit and other places, there are other customers looking for a solution too. It seemed like something that odrive should build as a means of drawing in these customers and staying competitive.

I hope they get to it soon.

Ah, sorry, I am an IOS user where Apples photo apps is used. I forgot how Android uses Google softs embedded so I see how that is kind of crippling.