Google Error while syncing some files

Trying to sync folder…works on some files others receive a “google error”

I sent logs.

odrive web client gives me no access at all, same error. I can access files from gdrive client.

Hi @jdaniellhebert,
Is there anything of note about these particular files?

The error Google is returning is that you do not have sufficient permission to access them.

Are you the owner of these files, or are these files that are shared with you? If you are not the owner, it may be that the owner is disallowing 3rd party API access to these files, or restricting access in some way.

I am the owner / admin. i have multiple google accounts, though. I created this directory. Not sure how that would have changed.

Hi @jdaniellhebert,
Yes, it is definitely strange.

Let’s try removing odrive access and then adding it again. You can do this by going to for the affected account. You should see odrive listed there. Click on any odrive listings and select “Remove Access”.

Once you’ve done this, try browsing this Google account from the odrive web client. You should be prompted to authorize access again. I am hoping that reauthorizing access will clear up this issue.

I did what you described and am getting more but different errors…sending log again.

to be more specific the odrive file browser works but is outdated…e.g. files that need to be sync’d on my computer are not. When I go to odrive folder on my computer and try to sync it says it cant sync. unknown error.

there are multiple errors…one says file does not exist on odrive, but when i go to the web interface it does.

Hi @jdaniellhebert,
Can you provide some additional details on how things are “outdated”?

Are the files/folders displayed in the odrive web client outdated too? That would be something I’ve never seen before since odrive is just displaying what Google is returning.

Try restarting the odrive client, browse around a bit in the affected account, and see if things look more accurate after the restart.

For the logs I am not seeing the same permissions errors I was seeing, but I am seeing the errors about some items not being found.

Apologies fornot being clearer. There are files on my local drive (target odrive folder) that are not sync’d with gdrive. The odrive web client reflects the state on gdrive. The sync errors occur when i try to sync locally. I seem to have both possible cases of “not in sync”. Files in gdrive not local and local not in gdrive. I will try to restart the client.

This helped…files in target folder were updated. file on gdrive seem updated…however still got an error message…also there are no blue sync check marks as before next to folders (not sure if this is important).

Sent diagnostics again. Thanks for your help.

Hi @jdaniellhebert,
Thanks for the update. I’m glad things are looking better, at least.

From the logs I can see “busy” exceptions, for lack of a better term.

odrive does actually look extremely busy at the moment, so I would recommend letting it settle for a while and then coming back to it later to perform any remaining operations. I think it is still trying to make sure everything is in sync and tracked properly.

After settling I would expect the badges to show up and behavior to improve.