Google Drive - TeamDrives

I am new user here. I have installed and configured it. It appears to work, however all the folders inside TeamDrives folder show up as .cloudf files. If I open them in the GUI interface, it will open and then appear to be a folder instead of .cloudf

I am trying to write a script that will look for certain files in powershell, but if the folder is not open a ahead of time, it will not look recursively.

The Team Drive folders have many folders within each folder, so I can’t go around opening them all ahead of time.

Any ideas on what I can do ?

Hi @james.schoeberle,
You can sync the Team Drives folder using a right-click->sync action on the folder. Then you can choose how you want that folder treated.


The settings above will expand all folders and download all files. If you only wanted to expand the folders, but not download the files, or only download files that are below a certain threshold, you can slide the slide back to the desired setting.

More information here: Sync Your odrive

Since you are using powershell, another option would be to utilize the CLI to sync files and folders: