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I’m trying to figure out why I see the “Team Drives” folder on the odrive website when I manage storage, but they are not appearing in my folder in my existing Google Drive mapping on my local computer.

Hi @mark.ericson,
Do you have a Google account that has Team Drives?

On the desktop “Team Drives” will show up as a new folder in your existing Google Drive link, if you have Team Drives. On the web “Team Drives” will always be listed, but it will be empty if you do not have any Team Drives. This may be what is causing the confusion.

Yes, I have Team Drives for my organization. But Team Drives can also be shared with people outside the organization. And, as I mentioned, I see them on the odrive website, but not on my computer.

Hi @mark.ericson,
You mentioned that you saw the Team Drives folder on the web, but I wasn’t sure if you saw your Team Drives listed within that folder, inside the “Team Drives” folder. It sounds like you do, which means you should see a Team Drives folder on the desktop, too.

The desktop performs an initial check for Team Drives when the odrive client starts (it tries to list the Team Drives). If the list is not empty then it will create the “Team Drives.cloudf” placeholder for Team Drives (if the folder doesn’t already exist from a previous check).

Can you right-click on the odrive folder and select the odrive refresh option and then send a diagnostic if you still do not see the Team Drives folder?

Yes, that is the first thing I tried when I didn’t see a ‘Team Drives’ folder or a ‘Team Drives.cloudf’ file, refresh.

I double checked and the two separated linked Google Drive accounts that have Team Drives shared with them both show the Team Drives on the web interface, But neither has it available locally as a folder or a .cloudf

Hi @mark.ericson,
Were you able to send a diagnostic? I didn’t see one come in yet. If you did, can you please try sending once more?

Can you also provide a Team Drive name that you see in the odrive web client under “Team Drives”, so I can look for any reference to that in the diagnostic?

To double-check the functionality, I tested this by sharing a Team Drive from my company Google Drive account to my personal Google Drive account. A restart of odrive was required after the invite, but then the “Team Drives” folder showed up on the odrive desktop for my personal account and I was able to access the files.

Diagnostics sent. I’m also trying a restart of ODrive.
How can I send information that is private rather than public forum? I’d rather not post the name of the accounts and TeamDrives on here.

Hi @mark.ericson,
You can click on my name and then click on the “Message” button to message me privately.

Yes, when I restarted odrive my ‘Team Drives’ folder appeared as odrive synced.

I have team drives in two different accounts mounted via odrive. The first one is the creator of the Team Drive in a business domain. The second is on account in another domain, I shared the same team drives with that other account.

In both cases they new Team Drives did not show up on my windows client, but did show up in the odrive web interface. Also, in both cases, the Team Drives did appear on my windows filesystem until after I restarted odrive.

This definitely seems like a defect, I shouldn’t have to restart odrive to know if any team drives have been shared with me.

Hi @mark.ericson,
I will bring this up to the product team and see if there is an optimization to make.

I’m glad to hear that things are looking good now, though!

Thank you. As you assumed, I also thought ‘refresh’ would do the trick.

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