Google drive sync missed a few files


I just installed odrive on a machine that has google drive client installed on it. I wanted to verify that all files get synced before uninstalling google drive.

Well, they didn’t.

I should have the same number of files and folders in my google drive synced directory as my odrive synced one.

So, I picked one file that did not sync. I was able to find it when I logged into the odrive website. However, it didn’t sync to disk.

Also, I could not find where on my system to look for sync errors. Having a file not sync is bad. Having zero notice that it did not sync is terrible.

I would appreciate some information on where to find sync logs and also to discover why this file didn’t sync. (There is a chance that that path name is too long.)


Note that I renamed the file in google drive and it showed up on disk. I cut the filename about in half.

Still, I need to know when something will not sync to disk because the filename is too long. Quite failure is a terrible experience.

How can I know when something fails to sync?


Hi @matt812,
It is possible that the filename had an illegal character in it, or a segment of the name had a pattern that is ignored. Please take a look at this section of our documentation for more info:

Currently, for ignored items, you will not receive any feedback or notifications. This is because the items are filtered out in such a way that odrive’s scan doesn’t even see them. If the items cannot be brought down for another reason, you should see that in the “not allowed” section of the odrive menu.