Google Drive Sync Issue

I have files saved in Google Drive that aren’t syncing in Odrive. The files appear when I access Google Drive and Odrive through Safari, but when I look in the folder on my computer that Odrive syncs with I see some files but not all of them. I’ve upgraded to a Premium Odrive account, manually synced all the folders, and refreshed all the folders yet some files still don’t appear. Does anyone have suggestions? I like Odrive,but what’s the point in paying for it if ALL my files don’t sync?

Hi @pnwillis,
Can you take a look at this post and see if it applies to the items you are not seeing on the Desktop?

Thank you for sending this article. It worked once I removed the backslash from the file name. Thanks. :grinning:

Great! thanks for the follow-up @pnwillis!