Google Drive 'Shared with me' folder is stuffed with files


I’m using oDrive to sync my Google Drive. It works very well. Thank you for the excellent tool.

Though, my local ‘Shared with Me’ folder does not reflect what it is actually.

  • On Google Drive web interface, I see 6 files and folder. This is what I expect. This is also what I see with other Google Drive clients.
  • On odrive web interface I see 296 entries (actual ~400 files and folders).
  • On odrive local folder, I see the same 296 entries.

How can this happen? Any way to avoid this?

The files and folders in local and odrive ‘Shared with Me’ folder seems to be all the files and folders that have been shared with me since I use Google Drive. I don’t want to simply delete them as I am afraid it could delete them from their actual correct location.

Any hint or help?
Thank you.
– Laurent

Hi @laurentcharles,
When we request the items from Google using this query "sharedWithMe and trashed = false". The Google API responds with all explicitly shared items with you that are not “trashed”. It may be that Google’s own clients are adding an additional filter to this to narrow down the response even further.

My account doesn’t seem to have a discrepancy, so I am not able to experiment with a data set to determine what Google may be doing there.

Can you elaborate on what you mean here by “actual location”?

Thank you for your quick answer.

I see that some files are also present somewhere in the folder.
For example a.pdf is present at Drive/somedir/otherdir/a.pdf and present in the Share with Me folder.

I’m afraid that if I delete a.pdf file from Share with Me it would also delete it from Drive/somedir/otherdir/

Maybe there is a way to use the odrive command line interface to run some queries to check?
I am familiar with CLI, not with odrive tool.

Hi @laurentcharles,
You can try using their API explorer to test the queries. The links below will run the query we currently use:
v3 API:{"q"%3A"sharedWithMe%20and%20trashed%20%3D%20false"}

v2 API:{"q"%3A"sharedWithMe%20and%20trashed%20%3D%20false"}