Google Drive Re-Authorization

Hi there

I keep getting a popup on my windows computer asking me to re-authorize my Google Drive account. I understand this is a periodic process as tokens expire and what not.

The problem is I have 3 Google Drive accounts connected and the popup does not tell me which one needs re-authorisation and at the Soign-in prompt I have no idea which account to use. I really don’t want to mix two accounts and get my files all mixed up between tow Google Drives.

It would help if the popup displayed the name of the account it needs to re-authorise, or an option to manually re-authorise an account on the website where I then know which account I am dealing with.

Right now, odrive is dead in the water as it seems all three accounts need re-authorisation, but I don’t know which one I am dealing with at any one time.

Please help.


Hi @anon76823793,
Yes, this is something we need to improve.

For a shortcut method to determine which is which, you can just click into the links on the web client. The one(s) that needs updating will show the prompt as soon as you try to drill in.

Once you re-auth you will be good to go again.

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