Google Drive not syncing - multiple errors

I have 3 Google Drive accounts…1 personal and 2 G Suite.

What’s Not Working?

  • I have set them all to sync the entire Drives. I get various errors at various times, and the can’t get them to sync globally.
  • I can try to right click on a folder or a large set of files, and get them to sync, but that doesn’t work either. I get the same errors.

What’s Working?
I can right click on an individual file, and it will sync, then launch, successfully. Unfortunately, I can’t go through and do this for thousands of files.

What Errors I’m Getting

  • Google Drive limits reached - I’ve spoken with Google multiple times and I am not hitting limits. More so, multiple days have passed so any Drive limits should clear out after 24 hours.
  • General “Error Syncing”

Hi @payrovi2,
Can you send a diagnostic so I can take a look?

Google Drive has more stringent limits and it can be easy to hit them if you are performing bulk operations. With the diagnostic I can see exactly what type of rate limit is being hit.

Hi @Tony. Can you tell me how to send a diagnostic?

Also, I wasn’t notified about this in my email…so I’ll try to figure out how to get notifications. If there is a way for you to hit my email, that will help.

@Tony I was able to send the Diagnostics. Please let me know. Thanks.

Hi @payrovi2,
I see a fair number of exceptions, so lets start by trying to clear some of the obvious ones. If you look in “not allowed” in the odrive menu there are several files listed in there. If you click on the item list in the menu it will show the reason it is in the “not allowed” list. They look like Google Documents, which is odd because those are basically just pointers to cloud documents and shouldn’t have any data in them. Google is rejecting these files with a “forbidden error”.

The diagnostic doesn’t show any rate limits, that I can see, but they may have rolled off, so it would be helpful to: trigger the error(s) you are seeing, take a screenshot, note the path where the error occurred, and then immediately send another diagnostic so I can focus on that specific area.