Google Drive folders with tilde at the beginning if the name not showing up

Folders that begin with a tilde are not appearing in the Google Drive folder. How can I resolve without renaming them?

Just found this: Apparently, odrive infers that folders starting with ~ are temporary folders. In that thread Peter Chang says odrive is working on developing a different approach to syncing unwanted files and folders. Did this ever happen? Or is there a way to force the syncing of tilde folders?

Yes ~ folders are still considered temp files and folders becaus of office docs. We haven’t released an alternative yet. Are you able to avoid using ~ folder names?

No, this is a shared work folder and may be used by others in a way that depends on the path staying the same. Seems to me this limits the usefulness of the service. Shouldn’t you let the user decide what files should be synced or not?

Thanks for the feedback.

~ prefixed names are historically associated with temporary files and folders, which can cause confusion and unnecessary overhead and churn (we know this from experience when we didn’t used to ignore them). We are considering allowing custom exceptions and additions to the list as part of an advanced feature.