Google Drive folder size is double that of the native Google Drive folder

I have sync’d my Google Drive account with odrive. When I compare its total folder size, with that of the original Google Drive folder, it’s double the size. Any idea why??

I’m on a Mac.

Furthermore, if I look at a random subfolder, with one file in it, the file is the same size across the two versions but the folder itself if double the size. There are no hidden files within the folder.

Lastly, I’ve added a second google drive account and the same thing happens. I’ve added a dropbox account but here the folder sizes are the same (as you’d expect).

Not the end of the world but be nice to save 50% hdd space.


Yeah this is definitely strange. Are you able to provide a screenshot of the directory size vs the contained file sizes so I can see the issue clearly?


Hi Tony. Thanks for the reply.

Below is a good example of a subfolder within a synced google drive account. You can see their paths under “Where” and their file sizes. The file sizes are drastically different. The files themselves are simple .txt and .rtf files.

For completeness here is that google drive account from the root:

Does that help see the issue clearly?

Thanks again,

In the first image odrive has the smaller value, which could be explain if some files are still placeholders instead of locally cached.

In the second, odrive is showing 4,148 items to the other’s 1,946 items. Are you able to identify where the ~2K files are in odrive vs the other? If not we can probably run some terminal commands to dig a bit.

On investigation it turns out a few things are different. Native Google Drive folders have custom icons and so osx creates a hidden Icon file within each folder. Furthermore Google Sheets/Docs/etc files have zero file size (somehow) on odrive but are > 0 on native Google Drive.

Bit silly of me this one. I’ve since noticed another folder on odrive’s version which doesn’t exist on the native google drive sync. It’s the shared with me folder. It’s large and accounts for most of the disparity.

Thanks for the help and the chance to brainstorm!

Appreciate the update! Glad you’ve got things sorted.