Google Drive files opening in TextEdit on Mac

I just downloaded the odrive sync client for a shared space. The folder and files are all showing up where they’re supposed to, but for many of the files, when I attempt to open them, a blank TextEdit document opens. I am totally clueless (which may be quite obvious to some, simply by my needing to ask for help on this!) about this issue. When I open from my odrive on the browser, those same files open up in Google Drive just like normal. Is this an issue with having created these files as Google Docs or Google Sheets, as opposed to Word or Excel files?

Hi @aly,
Google Docs and Sheets files via odrive are basically pointers and should open up your browser when double-clicked on so that you can access the doc from there.

Can you provide a screenshot of these files in Finder so I can see what they look like?
Do they have a .gdocx extension?


Hi Tony. No .gdocx extension showing up. Just .cloud until I download it to my local drive, and then no extension at all and when I try opening up, it opens as a blank TextEdit document.
Screenshots below.


Hi @aly,
I understand now. I didn’t realize this was an odrive Shared Space.

Unfortunately, the nature of Google Docs files doesn’t allow them to be shared via odrive in this way. The reason is because they are not actual “files” that can be synced to your device. They only exist within Google’s service. As such, Google Doc files can only be shared via Google’s own sharing mechanism. Your own Google account has to have shared access to the files.

Once you do have access in this way, you can get to the files correctly via odrive (from your own linked Google Drive account), with the ability to sync “normal” files to your local device and open your web browser for Google Docs web client access for the Google Docs files.

I realize this may be a little confusing, so let me know if you have any questions.

That’s part of why I’m confused–I do have shared access via Google. I actually created many of those documents…

Hi @aly,
If that is the case, you should be able to see those documents from the odrive/Google Drive folder (possibly a different name if you renamed it) under the “Shared With Me” folder. Do you see that?