Google Drive - file not appearing in odrive if filename contains slashes ("/")

I have ODrive for Mac (version prod 6306) with Google drive, and I think I stumbled upon a bug:

  1. I have a Google doc that has slashes in its name - e.g. “X/Y/Z.gdoc”.
  2. In the Google Drive client, that file would appear as “X-Y-Z.gdoc” (or similar, don’t recall exactly, but they replaced the problematic slashes with another “safe” character).
  3. ODrive, however, simply doesn’t show the file at all (the file does exist in the web UI of Google Drive).
  4. I’m not sure if this issue exists with other storage sources (e.g. Amazon Drive).

Once I renamed the file and removed the problematic slashes, the file appeared on ODrive

Hi @budowski,
Thanks for the update. odrive used to perform character substitution in cases like this, but it ended up causing more problems than it solved.

Currently you will just see that the file doesn’t show up. In future revisions we will make this more clear, so the user is aware and can correct the issue.

OK, got it - I think an alert that will show up on odrive’s popup menu will be a good solution. So this way I’ll see this clearly

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