Google Drive doing something weird with file format on large file

Issue: doing a SYNC with a QNAP NAS and then a RRTR SYNC to an OpenMediaVault
The SYNC to QNAS works fine, but when I SYNC with my other local OMV NAS I get the following error: Unsupported filename begins or ends with a ‘.’ character.
Now here’s the rub, In odrive viewing the google drive the files look fine, just as I uploaded them. But I go to Google Drive web page the files that are in question are files from a backup USB 128GB thumb drive.
I appears in Google drive that it has been zipped or compressed from the large folder, split it into numerous files and renamed them with a weird file name, S700uV~7.exe
a bunch of them with names similar.

I think I answered my own question, in case someone else runs into this.
I downloaded the original fold from Google Drive, deleted it, unzipped it and removed some old files clean up while at it, uploaded single files back to Google drive, ran all my SYNC’s again and all good, and up to date. something about the weird file format probably the ~ in the middle of name is my best guess.

Hi @keith.buckner,
That is strange.
So it seems like Google modified the file names somehow on upload?
A reupload of the folder via odrive addressed the issue?