Google Drive. Cannot empty trash

I have been trying for a month to empty the google drive trash and I’m just not understanding why it refuses to empty. I have tried it through the odrive Mac desktop client and also by just going to the google drive website and emptying the trash there. Ive also tried the google drive iPhone app as well. the same files just continue to reappear. It is incredibly frustrating. Is there some type of google drive force delete trash command I can run?

Hi @nholloman,
Are you seeing an error when you try to delete the files?

What happens when you try to only use the Google Drive web client and delete the files directly? Does it look successful and then the files return some time later?

Can you try deleting again and then send a diagnostic and provide me with the path for some of the files?

I get an error in odrive on Mac. I will attach a photo of it here. Also files just seem to reappear in google drive’s trash when I check the google drive web interface. During all of these problems I also notice that odrive is using 100% of my processor as well. I just sent the diagnostics.

Hi @nholloman,
It looks like you have a lot of files in the trash (over 6000). Most seem to be in the /Volumes/BIGWORKDRIVE/Main/00_NH Photography/LLWS 2019/Games/ folder.

Can you tell me how many files you have, total, in that folder?

What I’m noticing is that the trash routine is taking a while to run for each file being trashed. This may be why you see the high CPU utilization. I am wondering if it is due to the size of that folder.

this folder contains over 18,000 DNG files that were converted from the original canon.cr2 files. (I was the team and headshot photographer for Little League World Series this past year.)_ So…this folder had theoretically over 18,000 files in trash once they were all converted to the DNG format. How can I get it all cleared out?

Hi @nholloman,
We can try running a simple script to force the trash to continue, no matter what, until it is done. It may take a while, but it should just chug along until it gets through all of the items .

  1. Open a terminal session (type “terminal” in Spotlight search):

  2. Copy and paste the following command into the terminal and hit enter:
    while [ "$(python $(ls -d "$HOME/.odrive/bin/"*/ | tail -1) status --trash)" != "No trash." ]; do echo "There are items in the odrive trash. Processing the deletes ..."; python $(ls -d "$HOME/.odrive/bin/"*/ | tail -1) emptytrash; sleep 5; done; echo "All items in the odrive trash have been processed."

If you can have this run overnight, I would also suggest disabling background scanning in the odrive tray menu (under “Ready to sync new changes” at the top of the odrive menu). This will prevent odrive from performing its normal background processing, which could be contributing to slowness, too.