Google Drive and "Shared with Me" added my drive

  • I have a “company” folder that was shared with me.
  • It appears in my “Shared With Me” section in the browser of Google Drive.
  • I right-click it and add it to my drive
  • I use odrive to synchronize the drive - which properly brings over my shared folder (~5,500) files
  • I also view the “Shared With Me” folder in the odrive directory. Instead of the 20 or so files/directories shared with me, it contains 25,000 or so files. It appears that it has all of the “5,500” files in here multiple times – including in a totally flattened layout and then in a nested layout inside that.
  • How does one get “Shared with me” to only show the proper layout like Google Drive?
  • Do I remove it from my directory and just sync “Shared with me” – hoping the multiple versions isn’t an issue then?

Hi @brian.bezanson,
I am not able to reproduce this one, following the same steps. I am not using a folder with 5,5000 items in it, though it is nested with many files. I sldo don’t know if there might be some special setup inside that company folder. If you remove the company folder from your Drive, leaving it only in “Shared With Me” does the view revert back to normal?

Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu?

In any case, you shouldn’t need to use the “Add to My Drive” feature to add the Shared folder to your drive because odrive can sync the “Shared With Me” folder directly.

Do you have a closed area I can upload the screen shots too? Otherwise I’ll work tomorrow to obfuscate parts and package them all into a PDF for your review.

You can message me directly