Google Application Launcher Compatible?

We use the Google Application Launcher Chrome extension to open synced files from Google Drive with desktop applications in Windows (Office and Acrobat).
Does Application Launcher still work with odrive?
-Donald Newlands

Hi Donald,
I am not too familiar with the Google Application Launcher. Can you describe how you want to use it with odrive? Can you also tell me how you currently use odrive?


Hi Tony,
We’re looking for a solution that will allow our staff to selectively sync parts of our company Google Drive for work offline and desktop application support. Google Application Launcher will offer to open files that are synced locally from a Google Drive page in their native desktop applications. We can open a DOC file from the Google Drive browser page (“open with”). It’s very slick for us as it simplifies our email file management workflow considerably. Gmail attachments can be moved to the corporate Google Drive and opened in a native app in two steps, and then edited, saved and reattached in a very short trip. Forcing people to find cloud synced files again a second time in Windows Explorer or in their apps file open dialogs is a big waste of time.
Donald Newlands

Hi @Donald_Newlands,
Can you provide a link to the application launcher extension? I want to make sure I am looking at the right thing.