Gmail contacts missing

I am on the evaluation trial and considering becoming a paid member, solely based on having Gmail attachments accessible in Finder on Mac OS X. Great feature!

However, not all of my contacts show up in Gmail > Contacts. Some of my contacts do but not all of them. There are coworkers that should be there (our project managers) who have sent me hundreds of emails and are indeed in my contact list. Why aren’t these contacts showing up on odrive?

Hi @spencer.pangborn,
Can you tell me how many contacts are being listed in odrive, once the Contact folder is fully loaded? How does this number compare to the number listed next to “My Contacts” on this page?

Do you see the missing contacts listed under “My Contacts” on the Google contacts page (

@Tony There are 1050 contacts listed in my odrive folder.

Gmail > Contacts (hit spacebar to see how many items inside and it says 1050)

Here’s what it looks like in Gmail:

  • My Contacts (1646)

So it looks like there are some that aren’t synced. How long does it take odrive to sync up with my Gmail settings? I moved some contacts from an Import folder into My Contacts, so hopefully they sync soon. This is the main feature I’m considering buying odrive for so understanding how quickly attachments show up/sync locally is important for me.

Hi @spencer.pangborn,
If you right-click->odrive refresh on the Contacts folder, it should refresh to what is in the cloud. Are you still not seeing the whole list?

If so, can you provide me a few of the contact names and send a diagnostic from the odrive menu?

Also, as a side note, the Gmail functionality doesn’t actually require a subscription to use.