Gmail Attachments - Only the most recent ones are synced


I recently added a label to some emails with attachments. My odrive has always been set to sync this label.

For the new ones I labeled, only those from August are synced. How do I get the older ones synced?


Hi @fbai,
When you view this label folder in the odrive web client, do you still only see the items from August, or do you see more?


Yes I only see what’s synced in the web client. Nothing from before August

@Tony I tried unlink and re-link it and it’s still the same.

Can you send me a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu and tell me what the label name is?



I’ve sent a report. The label is “edifier invoices”.

I removed the label on all emails that’s already synced, and the rest seemed to be syncing fine now.

I didn’t see anything suspicious from the diagnostic. Now that you have removed the label from the previously synced files, the rest are showing up?

What happens if you add the label back to those e-mails?