Ghost folder... how do i still have it if i disconnect the account?

I’ve “disconnected” one of my google drive account of odrive. But still, I have this folder (like a ghost) on my computer. I’m afraid if I delete it from the computer it will still affect the documents on my drive. I just need more space on the computer.
Anyone can help?

Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu and tell me which folder you are seeing? I’ll take a look and see what may be happening here.

How to send a diagnostic:

Also, make sure that you are logged-in with the same odrive account on your desktop as you are on the web client. I have seen occasions where someone will have multiple odrive accounts, which can cause confusion. One the desktop you can see your user information under “Authorized user” in the odrive tray menu. On the web, you’ll find it under:

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Hi Tony, thanks for your kind reply. I believe i don’t have that confusion between odrive accounts … I’m quite sure I just have one and then synced several google drive accounts into it.
I send you the diagnostic. I would be very grateful for your help!

current_odrive_status.txt (6.2 KB) current_odrive_status.txt (6.2 KB)

Thanks for sending the diagnostic.

Can you tell me what the path and name of the folder is that you are concerned about?

Hi @Tony,

Im concerned about a drive named “SOS PORTO” that i’ve already disconected from odrive but still appears has a folder in my computer. Hope this was the question you were asking me!
Thanks once again :slight_smile:

I took a look and what it looks like may have happened is that the folder wasn’t able to be “trashed” when the link was removed, so it remained where it was.

Whenever a remote delete is detected, odrive will try to send that delete to the OS recycle bin/trash. If it can’t do that then it will not delete the item. The idea behind this is that we want to take all precautions against data loss.

In your case, the folder is now picked-up as a new “unknown” folder in the root of the odrive folder. Since you can’t add files or folders to the root of the odrive folder, it is listed in “not allowed” (you can see this in the odrive tray menu and in the current_odrive_status.txt file).

What this all boils down to is that the “SOS PORTO” folder is no longer connected to any remote storage in the cloud. If you remove it from your local odrive folder, odrive will not take any remote actions and there isn’t any danger of affecting the data in your Google Drive.

Just let me know if you have any questions about this.