Getting lots of duplicates and "urgent notice" message: "there are items that have been unable to sync for a prolonged period of time"

Yesterday I installed odrive for the first time (so it’s in “premium” status) and it seems that it’s having issues uploading 4 of my files (the rest were uploaded correctly). Those are four MP4 files, and they are being uploaded over and over and over (10 times already) with tmpXX prefixes before the name. Why is this?

All these files never lose their “tmpXX” prefix and I got several times the message “Urgent notice: There are items that have been unable to sync for a prolonged period of time. Please check the waiting list in the odrive tray menu for more information”, but the waiting list just lists those four files without giving me any more information.

I also tried restarting odrive, but that just caused those 4 files to re-reupload yet again with “tmpXX” prefixes and then getting in the waiting list again except one of them which got in “Not allowed” for the first time (before the restart, it was in the “Waiting list”, not in “Not allowed”).

Looking into the log files, I see this error for all 4 files (I substituted actual path with “/path/file.mp4”):

13 Dec 12:16:57PM ERROR Failed Upload File for Item: /path/file.mp4 - Size: 57925658 Bytes - Date: 2021-12-09 22:59:00 - Error: code ODB_OTHER_ERROR caused by OneDriveForBusinessException(code ODB_OTHER_ERROR - Unhandled status code 400. {“error”:{“code”:“invalidRequest”,“message”:“Invalid request”}})

Even though there seems to be an error, when entering the web version of OneDrive, I see the files are uploaded but with tmpXX prefixes.

How do I fix this so odrive doesn’t try to upload the files again and again?

Hi @oma2000,
The tmpXX files are not created by odrive, but Microsoft will create temporary files during the upload process and then rename them after completion. The temporary names vary, depending on the service.

It sounds like the file may be uploaded completely and then Microsoft is rejecting the final “commit” of that file.

Are you able to upload one of these files from their web client?

Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu, so I can take a closed look?

Thanks for your reply. I have created the diagnostic file. Where do I send it?

Hi @oma2000,
The diagnostic is automatically sent over to us.

It looks like these 4 files have a space at the beginning of their name. I think that may be causing the rejection from Microsoft. Can you try removing the leading space from these files and see if that allows them to upload?

I’m not sure if those files had a space at the beginning or not, because I deleted them altogether, to get rid of this “Urgent notice”, but I still get that notice and the four files are in the “Waiting” list. How do I remove them from there? They’re already deleted from both my hard drive and from OneDrive’s storage (I manually deleted them from the OneDriveForBusiness web interface). They should have disappeared from the odrive app as well by now.

Hi @oma2000,
Thanks for the reply. They definitely had a space in the beginning of the name. My testing shows that Microsoft will reject the file if it has a leading space, so we will look at adding a pre-check for this in a future version.

For the current issue, can you try a quick restart of the odrive client? That will clear any stale queues.

Thanks for your help!

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