Getting a new computer - how to move external drive synced with oDrive

We’re getting new computers and we currently have a lot of data in our external drives. These drives are synced via oDrive to Google Drive.

My concern is that we may have to re-sync all of the data if we setup oDrive in the new computer, connect the external drive and move the oDrive location to the external drives.

What would be the best solution to move the external drive to a new computer without having to re-sync?


Hi @mac25,
If you are using the “sync to odrive” feature, you can just map the relationship on the new computer like it was on the old one. odrive will then go through the folder and determine what is in sync already, and what needs to be processed.

If you were previously using the “Move odrive folder” functionality, where you had moved the default odrive folder to a new location, you will need to perform the following steps once you have installed odrive on the new computer. All of these steps are done on the new computer.

  1. On the desktop client, login to the same odrive account you were using on the old computer
  2. Go to the odrive tray menu and select “Move odrive folder”
  3. Browse to where your old odrive folder is located, browse in to it, and click on Open.

odrive will switch to using this folder as the default odrive folder. It will then start scanning through it to determine the sync state of each item and decide if anything needs to be done.

Thank you for your prompt response.
I’ll give this a shot and get back with questions or to report that everything worked out fine.

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Great! Definitely let us know how it goes and if you need anything.

We were able to migrate to the new computers following your steps without any issues.
Thank you so much,

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Glad to hear it @mac25! Thanks for the follow-up.

This seems promising for a family member.