Get "Cannot browse Google Drive (2). Google error." with newly connected Google account

I am trying to connect my school account (which is a account) and when I go to brows my folders I see the following error at the top of my screen:
“Cannot browse Google Drive (2). Google error.”

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Are you able to browse from the odrive web browser?

Can you also send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu on the desktop.


No, I can not brows using the web client. This is where the error shows up, at the very top of the screen.
I pressed “send diagnostics” and the screen is blank to my screen reader. I pressed enter and the screen went away, so hopefully that worked!

I was able to sign in using my account (I have it because I am an employee as well as a student), but I think my employee account is only active as long as I am an employee. So I put things on my account instead which is my student account.
Could the problem be that the email has 2 “.” in it?
Also, there may be a block on the student account which means only Google apps can sink? Is there something more I can do?

Hi Brandon,
I got a chance to look at this and I believe your second guess is correct. It appears that the administrators of your account have a domain policy that prohibits 3rd party application access. I am going to look a little more into it to see how we can provide a better error message. Unfortunately there isn’t anything we can do about this on our end. It would require administrative action for that google apps domain account.

Can you contact your admins about it?

I’m getting this error now, too. Is this confirmed to be a 3rd party application access problem?

Hi @robertmerrill,
The restriction mentioned above can definitely cause this. Is this a Google Apps/G Suite account?

Yes, it is… should I check with IT? Guess so…

Hi @robertmerrill,
Yes. See if they can verify that setting and if its possible to allow 3rd party integrations.