Fully synced directory from Amazon Cloud Drive cannot be moved to an encryptor location on either B2 or google

I’m trying to offload files from Amazon Cloud Drive to other services and I have a full directory of ISO backups of CD’s I’m trying to move over. I was able to move a lot of folders, but this one folder I cannot move from my Synced amazon cloud drive location to any other Odrive location it seems. I am trying to put it in an encryptor folder, but it appears I cannot place it anywhere. It immediately moves it back under Amazon Cloud drive. How should I go about correcting this?

Hi @toupeiro,
This does sound strange. Is an error shown when this happens, or does it just silently move back? Generally odrive will try to stop a move outside of a link if the folder has some files in it that have not yet synced (no placeholders and no not allowed/waiting files). If that is not the case then it is unexpected.

Can you trigger the same behavior again and then send a diagnostic from the odrive menu?

After that, you should be able to force the move by exiting odrive, moving the folder to a location outside of odrive, starting odrive, and then moving the folder to the desired location.

I actually did try this as well and once Odrive started back up, the folder jumped back :slight_smile: truly strange. I will upload a diagnostic now.

Thanks @toupeiro!

Give this a try:

  • Exit odrive
  • Move the folder out of odrive’s view (outside of an odrive folder) and rename it for good measure
  • Start odrive and wait for the folder to be picked up as a delete and held in the odrive trash
  • Rename the folder back to the original name and then move it into the desired location