FTP Sync LAN Only

Can FTP be configured to sync to a device that only has access from the LAN? I have a use case where I’m trying to sync files from a directory on an FTP server to the cloud. Thanks in advance!

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To clarify, you want to sync from an FTP server to a cloud service?

If so, what is the configuration of the FTP server? Are you able to run software, like the odrive Agent on it?

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I am interested if this is possible as well. I am hosting a sftp behind a firewall. I use a VPN to connect to its content. I would love to use this software to connect and sync the files when I am at the location or VPN’ed into the network. Is this possible or does the server have to talk to odrive’s servers for this to work?

Hi @Helgrind,
Yes this is possible. When you link the FTP account to odrive, you would supply the local/VPN IP of the FTP server. odrive won’t be able to verify the connection, but you should be able to get to it from your local client if that client has access to the supplied IP.

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