FTP Sync in Godaddy Hosting Account


I have a new Godaddy, hosting account, and in my
_local FTP i can sync the server perfect, but when I_
do the seme thing to connect my oDrive it do not work,
I can´t see any file.

Any one can help me please.

_Thank you,_
All the best.

Hi there,

A couple quick questions:

  1. Were you able to create a link to the account?
  2. Are you seeing issues when you click on the folder on the web client or the desktop client?

If it’s the web client, you may see a message such as “Cannot browse FTP. Unable to connect to the FTP server.” at the present. Try using the desktop client to see if you can see your files and folders. We may need to notify users that FTP is a desktop-only link.

If you are having issues seeing files and folders when you click into the storage folder for your FTP account from the desktop client, can you provide more information on what you see? Are there error messages or a screenshot you can post? Do you have problems only with this FTP account or with other types of storage (e.g. Gmail, Dropbox, etc.) as well?


Thank you for all.

I will let you know,

Hi Jeff,

The answers

  1. Yes I can make a link to the account, using the FTP settings on GoDaddy, but
    and the system says is OK, but, when I tried to access the files on web nothing happen,
    do not appears any file.
  2. the issues are on the web client in the desktop client I don t know

This is the message of the web client¨

Cannot browse GoDaddy. Please check your network connection or manage your proxy settings.

I need to extend my trial to make more test, can you help me please?

Thank you,

Hi Dennis,
Can you try accessing from the odrive desktop client? Unfortunately FTP access from the web client is currently not functional, and will produce the error you are seeing.


Thank you, I will try.


Here a link with the image from the desktop client
an it says:

“You do not have sufficient permissons”

Any idea?

Thank you,

Using the desktop app to sync to Godaddy

Thanks @angelitos,
Is it possible to create a test FTP on your GoDaddy account for us to try with? You can send it to me privately so it doesn’t have to be posted here. I would like to try this to see if I can better understand what the issue is.


Dear Tony, is perfect.

How can I send you a private message with
the FPT?

Please let me know.

Thank you,

I sent you a PM.

Perfect, Thank you.

Hello, I’ve the same issue trying to sync a folder from my mac to an FTP account. When i click on “sync to odrive” it redirects me to my storage links. But when I select the FTP account, it returns the error “Please check your network connection or manage your proxy settings.”. How can i do it manually? Is there a way to do it just from the desktop app without redirects? The sync is working, if i move files from the desktop or from the ftp, odrive keeps it updated. It’s just a matter of syncing folders. I don’t want to move the folder inside the odrive folder because it’s my document folder and i would lose all my link.

Thanks in advice.

Hi @anpedri88,
My apologies for the confusion and inconvenience. Unfortunately FTP links do not work properly on the web services side. As you’ve seen, this results in an inability to target a linked FTP folder for “sync to odrive”.

We have some plans for addressing this in a future release, but it will most likely take quite a while for that to come.

@Tony is that problem solved now?

i am also facing this problem

Hi @harikrishnan606,
Yes this is still an issue on the web client. The desktop client should work just fine with FTP, but you will not be able to target FTP remote storage with sync to odrive. SFTP is fully supported, as well, if that is an option for you.

Hi @vladfilipenko,
FTP from the web is still a known issue.
If you are using GoDaddy, have you tried connecting via SFTP (SSH)?

Here is some information regarding that from GoDaddy: